The mission of the 501(c)(3) School Administrators Charitable and Educational Foundation is to enhance the leadership development of educational administrators, to encourage and support individuals interested in careers in teaching or educational administration, to enhance the role and image of educational administrators, and to conduct research and provide information to policymakers and the public at large.

The generosity of our members allows the MASA Foundation to award grants to individual members to further their professional development. These grants provide up to $750 to members with particular needs that cannot be otherwise met by their districts, allowing members to participate in conferences, workshops and training opportunities they may have otherwise been denied.

The MASA Foundation will provide up to 10 grants to members this year for professional development experiences that you would not be able to access through your district or that are unique learning opportunities. Grants can range from $500-$750. To apply, simply submit a one page summary of your intended experience and either mail or fax it to the MASA offices (651- 645-7518) or email Gary Amoroso (gamoroso@, and the Foundation Grant Committee will consider it in a timely manner.

More information can be found at

2019-20 MASA Foundation Board of Directors
President, John Christiansen, MASA Retiree
Treasurer, Jamie Skjeveland, Crosby-Ironton Schools
2017-20, Krin Abraham, Houston Public Schools
2004-22, Eric Bartleson, MASA Retiree
2014-20, Rob Brown, Nexus Solutions, LLC
2006-21, Don Bungum, MASA Retiree
2009-21, Robert Cavanna, MASA Retiree
2007-22, John Christiansen, MASA Retiree
2017-20, Diane Cordes, Breckenridge Public School
2012-21, Marty Duncan, MASA Retiree
2017-20, Rachel Gorton, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District
2011-20, Peter Haapala, MASA Retiree
2019-22, Heather Harms, Director of Special Education
2017-20, Jen Hegna, Byron Public Schools
2012-21, Deb Henton, North Branch Area Public Schools
2008-20, Mike Hoheisel, Robert W. Baird & Co.
2004-22, Dale Jensen, MASA Retiree
2005-20, Antoinette Johns, MASA Retiree
2018-21, James Johnson, St. Cloud State University
2017-20, Brad Johnson, Hibbing Public Schools
2011-20, Charles Kyte, MASA Retiree
2019-22, Shelly Maes, SWWC Service Cooperative
2006-21, Janet Mohr, MASA Retiree
2005-20, Fred Nolan, MASA Retiree
2007-22, Allen Ralston, MASA Retiree
2012-21, Diane Rauschenfels, University of MN, Duluth
2012-21, Harold Remme, MASA Retiree
2008-20, Chris Richardson, MASA Retiree
2007-22, Charles Rick, MASA Retiree
2016-20, Jamie Skjeveland, Crosby-Ironton Schools
2017-20, Kelly Smith, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors
2007-22, John Thein, MASA Retiree
2016-22, Rachel Udstuen, Spring Grove Public Schools
2018-21, Steve Unowsky, Richfield Public Schools
2017-20, Michelle Van Den Top, Anoka-Hennepin School District
2005-20, Ed Waltman, MASA Retiree
2017-20, Shawn Yates, Warroad Public Schools
Gary Amoroso, MASA

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