Gary Amoroso
MASA Executive Director

At MASA we are very proud of the fact that we are very proactive in supporting our members. The MASA Foundation provides financial support that enables us to operate programs that support the needs of our members. I’d like to share information regarding the programs that are supported by the MASA Foundation.

The first example is the Mentor Program. Within our Mentor program guide, we provide the following philosophy and purpose of the program:

Mentor Program PhilosophyMASA wants its members to be supported well so that they thrive and achieve success. We believe that a strong mentoring program will support administrators new to their roles in building their capacity to lead their schools in student achievement growth. The MASA Mentor Program provides new members with resources to address their specific development needs. We use multiple strategies, including guidance and coaching, networking, training, emotional, professional and social support.

Purpose of the Program

Ensure that professional development contributes to high quality practice

Ensure that the experience impacts leadership quality in professional practice

Provide a base of expertise for people who are emerging leaders in Minnesota

Introduce administrators to their new roles and to other administrators who can offer support

Help administrators new to their roles experience a good transition with a guide to assist them

Provide an experienced colleague to lean on for emotional, professional, and social support

Reduce a feeling of professional isolation

Provide a safe and confidential environment for candid discussions

Prepare administrators to be high quality mentors

The MASA Board expanded the program two years ago to include any new member of our association. The feedback that we have received from mentors and mentees has validated the need and success of the program. As an organization we want to do whatever needs to be done to help our new members be successful in their position.

In addition, mentees may now apply for a second year of support if they feel it is a benefit to them.

Professional Assistance Team (P.A.T.)

Another program we are very proud of is the P.A.T. support program. This year Deb Henton, Carl Wahlstrom, Patty Phillips, Jeff Olson and Jerry Nesland made up the P.A.T. The P.A.T. uses their experience to help their colleagues when they need consultation and/or advice when they run into complex situations. This provides our members with an invaluable resource. Sometimes a conversation or simply having someone to listen is a great asset to a person. The MASA Foundation provides all of the financial support for the P.A.T.

Professional Development Grants

The Foundation provides professional development grants of up to $750 to a few of our members. These grants fund professional development activities that our members would be unable to attend without the support of the Foundation. If interested in applying for a grant, please contact me.

Each time you donate to the MASA Foundation, you contribute to MASA’s ability to provide these important programs. Thank you for supporting the Foundation, and thank you for the excellent leadership practices of all Minnesota school leaders!

All of us at MASA are here to support you. As always, please feel free to contact any of the staff at (651) 645-6272. Also, please contact me at (651) 319-1211 if I can be of service.

Best wishes for a successful conclusion to the 2016-2017 school year!

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