Gary Amoroso
MASA Executive Director

Welcome back to the 2017-18 school year. I hope you had a relaxing and rewarding summer. I’m sure that your batteries are recharged and you’re ready to work each and every day on behalf of the students that you serve!

One of the things that I truly value about our profession is that each and every year, there is the opportunity to RESTART our journey of working with students, families, colleagues and community. This opportunity to restart does not exist in many professions. I was always very excited to start a new year. I would draw on my past experiences to provide the foundation of how I would proceed during the year.

Each year will bring new opportunities and challenges. I believe strongly that as leaders within our school systems we set the tone for how our various constituencies will address or react to these opportunities and challenges. Our behavior provides permission for others to act in a like manner. Regardless of your job title, you have a sphere of influence. Always remember that your words and actions are powerful and have a definite impact on others within and outside of your school community.

With that in mind, I’d like to challenge each of you to consider practicing the following three actions on a daily basis. First bring PASSION to your workplace every day! I think that you are the biggest cheerleader for your students. Demonstrate your belief that every student will learn every day and that as adults, we will make decisions that are in the best interest of our students first, before the other adults in our communities.

Second, strive to GROW every day! If we expect our students and staff to learn and grow each day, we need to be role models in this journey. Supporting professional development initiatives and participating in those initiatives provides a great example.

Lastly, as you navigate the many opportunities and challenges that you face on a daily basis; focus on your moral compass. Keep your core values and principles in the forefront. I’ve always felt that if I were not happy with myself, it would be nearly impossible to have a positive influence on others. There will be times when some people will not appreciate your decisions or actions, but if your leadership is in accordance with your core beliefs, that will be enough to see you through the situation.

Always know that all of us at MASA are here to support you in your journey. Never forget how much influence you have over the day-to-day activities that go on in the schools and community. Please feel free to contact me at (651) 319-1211 if I can ever be of service. Thank you for all that you do!

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