Dr. Deb Henton
Executive Director

We know that in typical times, leading is exhilarating, engaging, and exhausting nearly all at once. But now we are in the midst of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Has the job of school leaders/administrators, no matter the title, been transformed and those descriptors no longer apply?  

Seasoned leaders across the state are sharing that during COVID-19, leading has never been more challenging. New leaders are wondering if this is the way things are going to be once COVID-19 is no longer driving nearly every decision made during each day. Many wonder just what are the essential principles effective leaders should follow during our times.

Insights from crisis management expert, Jim Lukaszeski, whose article, “The ingredients of leadership: finding the personal power for moving people and organizations into the future,” may provide you with relevant information to share with your team. Jim’s thoughts might also lead you to reflect on your own leadership, and to feel validated for the leadership behaviors you are demonstrating daily. Here is a link to Jim’s article.

Jim has identified 11 transformational behaviors or ingredients he believes are simple to apply and with sincere effort will result in leaders having more influence and feeling more satisfied.  Here are the 11:

  1. Be positive
  2. Be a verbal visionary
  3. Be constructive
  4. Be prompt
  5. Be outcome focused
  6. Be reflective
  7. Be pragmatic
  8. Be a yes person
  9. Be focused on the crucial five percent
  10. Be a finisher
  11. Be relentless in seeking positive, incremental, personal improvement every day

Jim explains and provides examples of each of the 11 behaviors in an easy to read format. Stepping away from COVID-19 discussions for just a little while to discuss an article like Jim’s, may help your teams during one of the most difficult periods of our lifetime. 

May you continue to feel engaged and exhilarated. I know even in typical times you are exhausted. Let’s work on that another time. We will get through this together.

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