Dr. Deb Henton
Executive Director

Spring is often called the season of renewal. Images of flower stems sprouting through soil just warm enough and lakes getting ready to be free from their dull black sheets of ice bring joy to all eager to experience the revitalization that the change of seasons brings. 

It is no secret that many of our MASA colleagues need restoration, the renewal of their spirits and their purpose. COVID-19 caused once unthinkable challenges that led our members to turn to Option B, then C, and D, and so on until there were no more letters in the alphabet to cover the strategies our MASA leaders put in place to keep their students and staff as safe as possible during a pandemic. There was no playbook. There were no crash courses, but there was unity among MASA members that carried us through some of the most difficult times of our lives. 

So let us walk together into spring united in our purpose of providing high-quality public schools where every child feels supported and valued. Where there is equity and opportunity and a spirit of hope that every child experiences. Where our leaders feel the growing intensity of the sun on their backs and walk a bit lighter knowing they are resilient, able to lead even in the toughest of times. 

May you feel awakened, see new beginnings, be filled with optimism, and use the extended daylight hours to enjoy the fresh air and take pride in your accomplishments. Thank you for the courage you have shown.  Happy Spring, colleagues!

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