The Minnesota Association of School Administrators has partnered with the Donovan Group to offer around-the-clock urgent and crisis communication services to public schools and districts throughout Minnesota.

Through the service, district and school leaders gain access to school communication experts to help them quickly communicate when managing difficult situations affecting their schools, students, staff, and families. The service is free to MASA members and is offered 24/7/365. 

“As school and district administrators know, situations can quickly arise that require effective and accurate communication with parents, staff, students, community members, and other stakeholders,” said Dr. Deb Henton, Executive Director of MASA. “Through this new service, we are providing our members with a critically important resource to help them communicate and engage their communities when time is of the essence.”

The Donovan Group is a communication, public relations, and marketing firm that focuses exclusively on public K-12 education. Its team consists of education communication experts who have worked on thousands of crisis situations large and small, including those that impact a small group of people and those affecting entire school district communities.

The urgent and crisis communication service includes live counsel over the phone, with the Donovan Group team helping school leaders gather the facts, determine who they need to reach first, and identify the best communication channels. The firm also provides custom talking points, parent letters, news releases, social media posts, and other written content, working with school leaders to revise or fine-tune this content as needed. 

For more information on the urgent and crisis communication service now available to Minnesota school and district leaders, please visit:

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