Elections are underway for 2023 MASA Board Members and Officers. Eligible voting members received their ballots on Monday, March 20!

Meet your 2023 Treasurer Candidate
Scott M. Thielman, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School District
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Candidate Statement

Welcoming the Opportunity to Serve Again
​It is an honor and a privilege to once again have been nominated for the MASA Treasurer position.  Having served our association for the past 2+ plus years (current term), I have been truly impressed by the exemplary fiduciary responsibilities that the MASA staff (Stephanie Kastanos and Deb Henton) have executed especially throughout the Pandemic.  MASA was able to maximize its investments to ensure that the association was able to maintain a strong financial position.  Serving as our Association’s and the MASA Foundation’s Treasurer has given me insight into the daily operations and it is with great satisfaction that I share that our association’s and foundation’s financial fund balance has grown even though we have endured the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The growth of MASA’s undesignated fund balance has enabled the Board to keep membership dues the same for the past several years while at the same time increasing benefits to members.  The MASA Board improved the benefits of its members by providing crisis communication while maintaining programmatic and specific professional development support and opportunities for superintendents and component group members.  The MASA Foundation has continued to be financially strong and is able to continue to provide funding for the association’s mentor program and the professional assistance program.

Our association continues to experience very strong business partnerships that enables us to keep our conference cost low for members. The strong management of our funds and the business partnerships have allowed MASA to continue to maintain its investment back into the regional professional development opportunities and support our members.  We look forward to maintaining that strong relationship in order to enhance our member benefits in the future.

Additionally, the MASA Board was able to avoid a major financial investment in its facility with the sale of the property mitigating costly repairs. Those funds have been added to the undesignated fund balance and will serve our association well into the future.

Having been able to serve on the MASA Board, has allowed me to be part of the initiative of changing the MSHSL constitution to have two permanent MASA appointed seats on its Board.  The change was initiated in 2017 and was finally realized in 2022.  We are now ensured to have MASA’s voice at the table and a direct impact on the decisions that are made at the Board level of the MSHSL.

It would be a great honor if I have the privilege of continuing to serve MASA members as Treasurer.  It has been a pleasure to serve our association as a current and former board member, past president, and previously representing Minnesota on the AASA governing board and as an AASA executive committee member representing Region 3.  I have felt very fortunate to represent you and have always wanted to give back to our state and national association.  Again, I would be honored and humbled if elected to serve another term on your behalf.

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