Dr. Deb Henton
Executive Director

A friend shared this advice with me earlier in the year, “Do whatever makes you happy!” She said this in the context of having lost a son and working through the grieving process for years. I  find myself in similar circumstances and try to remember her words daily. I think my friend’s advice is appropriate for you given the especially challenging year/s you have experienced.

So my message is very short this summer. Find joy in gardening, fishing, reading, being with your kids/grandkids, going out to lunch or dinner with friends, shopping, eating ice cream, going for a walk, participating in a 5K, having a cold beverage on your deck, going for a bike ride, boating, kayaking, paddle-boarding, going to a movie, or whatever will wipe away the strain of the mental and physical exhaustion you may feel. 

Most importantly, do whatever makes you happy! Your leadership matters.


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