Have you benefited from mentoring?  The Foundation supports paying our mentors.  Have you called for support from P.A.T?  The Foundation covers that.  Have you participated in the Professional Dialogue series?  The Foundation supports that.  If you value these benefits, consider paying it forward so others can benefit as well?

Consider donating to the MASA Foundation – your contributions allows the Foundation to continue it’s support for MASA members like you! Donate today here: https://pages.donately.com/mnasa/campaign/masa-foundation-spring-fundraiser-2023

The mission of the 501(c)(3) School Administrators Charitable and Educational Foundation is to enhance the leadership development of educational administrators, to encourage and support individuals interested in careers in teaching or educational administration, to enhance the role and image of educational administrators, and to conduct research and provide information to policymakers and the public at large.

The generosity of our members allows the MASA Foundation to award grants to individual members to further their professional development. These grants provide up to $750 to members with particular needs that cannot be otherwise met by their districts, allowing members to participate in conferences, workshops and training opportunities they may have otherwise been denied.

More information can be found at www.mnasa.org/foundation.

Chris Richardson, Retiree

Shawn Yates, Superintendent, Warroad Public Schools

Scott Thielman, Superintendent, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

Board Members
Krin Abraham, Superintendent, Houston Public Schools

Gary Amoroso, Retiree

Don Bungum, Retiree

Cliff Carmody, Executive Director, SWWC Service Cooperative

Ranae Case Evenson, Superintendent, Jordan Public Schools

John Christiansen, Retiree

Marty Duncan, Retiree

Rachel Gorton, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District

Amy Hansen-Bhutta, Account Executive, NWEA

Heather Harms, Director of Special Education, Waseca Public Schools

Jen Hegna, Dir.of Info. & Learning Technology, Byron Public Schools

Mike Hoheisel, Managing Director, Robert W. Baird & Co.

James Johnson, Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University

Charles Kyte, Retiree

Shelly Maes, Manager, Member Services, SWWC Service Cooperative

Chris Mills, Superintendent, Stephen-Argyle Central Schools

Janet Mohr, Retiree

Scott Monson, Superintendent, Minneota-Lincoln HI-Ivanhoe Schools

Sara Paul, Superintendent, North Branch Area Public Schools

Diane Rauschenfels, Retiree

Harold Remme, Retiree

Charles Rick, Retiree, Perpich Center for Arts Education

Mark Ristau, Superintendent, Medford Public Schools

Kelly Smith, Director, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors

John Thein, Retiree

Rachel Udstuen, Superintendent, Spring Grove Public Schools

Patrick Walsh, Superintendent, BBE Public Schools

Ed Waltman, Retiree

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