Nominations are open until January 7, 2019, for a number of seats on the MASA Board of Directors.

Fill out the online nomination forms at:

2019-20 MASA President-Elect

The President-Elect serves one year, followed by one year as President and one year as Past President. In the year of presidency, a student from the President’s district will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

All members located in the Greater MN districts (Regions 1-8) are eligible for nomination.

In addition, candidates must:

* be a MASA member, in the “active” category

* be a practicing administrator

* have five years of successful administrative experience in Minnesota

* be committed to MASA and its goals

* have time available to represent MASA for three years (2019 – 2022)

Accountabilities of this office include:

* participate in MASA Executive Committee and Board meetings

* assist the President in providing general leadership to the organization

* perform all duties of the President, in absence of the President

* recommend appointments of all standing committee members, including Chairs-Elect

President-Elect Nomination Process

Any “Active” (voting) MASA member may nominate, but the nominee must be from a Greater MN district within MASA’s Regions 1-8. The President-Elect will annually alternate between Greater Minnesota (Regions 1-8) and the Metro area (Region 9).

The following seats on the MASA Board of Directors are open for nominations:

  • Region 1 – Superintendent Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Region 2 – Superintendent Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Region 3 – Superintendent Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Region 8 – Superintendent Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Region 9 – Superintendent Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Greater MN Technology Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Greater MN Special Education Component Group Representative (19-22)
  • Greater MN Central Office Component Group Representative (19-22)

Each representative will serve a three-year term representing their region and component group beginning July 1, 2019. MASA Board of Directors term limits are two consecutive terms.

A list of eligible members for each seat can be found at:

Region Component Group Nomination Process:

Any “Active” (voting) MASA member may nominate themselves or a colleague. Both nominator and nominee must be a member of the MASA Region and/or Component Group to which the nomination pertains.

MASA officers and board members have the opportunity to influence education in Minnesota and serve their fellow colleagues.

We encourage you to nominate yourself or a colleague who you feel would be a strong leader for MASA. If you nominate a colleague, please contact your nominee to ask them whether or not they are interested in running for the position-and so that they know you have nominated them!

Nominations can be completed by filling out the online nomination forms!

You can find the forms and lists of eligible MASA members that may be nominated by going to and clicking “MASA Board Nomination Information” in the right hand column.

Nominations must be completed by January 7, 2019.

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