This year, when you join or renew your MASA and/or MASE membership(s), the membership materials will be online.

The new platform offers a number of advantages:

√ It’s paperless, always a good thing.
√ It’s convenient. Arrange your membership(s) anywhere, anytime. No need to keep track of your materials. Just sign in and you are all set to go.
√ It’s efficient. Once you complete your membership materials, your membership benefits are immediately in force and your contact data is included in the member directory.
√ It’s accurate. You access and fill in your own data. You can even make changes as they occur.
√ It’s secure. You access your member account using your email and password, and, except for the member directory, that information remains private. Our data back-up will be constant so there will be no chance of losing your membership record.
√ Your dues will be paid online, too. You may use a credit card, PayPal, or choose to be billed.

Renew your membership online today at

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