Deb Henton
North Branch Area Public Schools

…I would do it all over again and run for President of MASA in a flash! What a year it was. I would recommend each of you consider running for the presidency at some point in the future. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • MASA is an exceptional organization created to support all of us. The Executive Director is skilled, appreciates feedback, is inclusive and employs a staff dedicated to supporting MASA’s membership. Just ask, and you will find answers, advice, resources, and someone who listens and knows how to remain confidential. Thank you Gary, Mia, Deb, Dave, Stephanie, and Jeanna-you are all remarkable and have assisted me throughout my entire career along with my year as president!
  • You will have the good fortune to work in a different way with our colleagues who are engaged in exceptionally challenging positions, yet make time to advocate, build relationships, innovate, and most importantly take care of all of Minnesota’s children. We belong to a noble profession. Leading those who lead is humbling and an honor.
  • The opportunity exists for you to work with MASA staff and the executive board to determine strategies for the future. I have listened to members and created an initiative with the assistance of Gary and Mia designed to support and recruit more female administrators. The executive board endorsed the concept and you will hear more in the future.
  • There are additional professional development opportunities that will help you grow as a professional. Who doesn’t need to learn more?

I recently had the pleasure to hear the National Superintendent of the Year, Curtis L. Jones, Jr. speak about what he has learned as a leader. I leave you with his advice and I thank you for your support during this past year. I am grateful beyond words.

  1. Trust your training.
  2. Trust your team.
  3. Trust your community.
  4. Publicly thank everyone.
  5. Let them know it is not about you.
  6. They have to see it.
  7. Create experiences that matter.

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