The job of leadership in public school systems is very complex and leaders might encounter difficult situations such as issues with personnel, parents, communities or school boards. MASA wants to provide our members with as much assistance as possible. Therefore, in addition to the MASA legal support services, we have created the Professional Assistance Team (P.A.T.).

The Professional Assistance Team is made up of five individuals who have a wealth of experience in operating schools. The P.A.T. will use their experience to help their colleagues when they need consultation and/or advice if they run into a difficult situation. Each member has promised to treat every contact with confidentiality. The only case in which information may be shared is in the event that a situation is complex enough that a member may require legal assistance, and will be directed to the MASA Executive Director.

Examples of services the P.A.T. provides:

  • Answers to questions regarding your role as a superintendent or central office leader
  • Advice on how to handle specific situations involving the community, school board(s), employees, students, and operational situations
  • Communication situations

The P.A.T. will always maintain confidentiality when working with our members.

2019-20 Professional Assistance Team

Deb Henton

Jerry Nesland

Jeff Olson

Patty Phillips

Gary Prest

Full contact information can be found in the members only section of the MASA website.

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