Each year, MASA provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding members who are dedicated leaders and advocates for children and Minnesota education. We encourage you to consider nominating yourself or a colleague for recognition. Nominate someone who you feel reflects the qualities of a leader, who is committed to education and who is an exemplary representative of MASA.
All the award applications can be found at: https://www.mnasa.org/2021-nomination-forms.html.
Unless a different date is specified, all nomination materials are due tdave.christians@mnasa.org by the end of the day January 11, 2021
Kay E. Jacobs Award
The nominee of this award must be an active or associate female member of MASA and must have demonstrated the attributes of leadership and involvement in MASA and other educational organizations as did Kay E. Jacobs prior to her death. This award is presented at the Annual Spring Conference.
MASA Distinguished Service Award
The nominee of this award will have a positive history/association with Minnesota public education. The recipient will have contributed/participated in activities that improve Minnesota’s public education system on a statewide basis and have a reputation as a person that willingly goes the extra mile. This award is presented at the MASA Spring Conference.
MASA Outstanding Central Office Leader Award (Metro and Greater MN)
The nominees of this award must be non-superintendent MASA members who are Central Office Administrators exhibiting a willingness to risk, possess strong communication skills, are progressive change agents and who have high expectations for self and others. Two awards will be presented annually, one from greater Minnesota and one from the metro area. This award is presented at the MASA Spring Conference.
MASA Polaris Award
The nominee of this award must be a current active or associate member of MASA and an exemplary school leader with twenty or more years of administrative experience. This award is presented at the MASA Fall Conference.
Regional Administrators of Excellence Award – return to your Regional Chair
The Regional Leadership Chair should submit their region’s selection to Dave Christians by February 8, 2021.
This award honors an administrator annually from each of the nine MASA regions. The nominee must have provided service to MASA through their active participation in a MASA district, regional and state organization and/or leadership functions and activities, demonstrated active involvement in educational and community affairs, be regarded as a role model by MASA colleagues and be a practicing administrator and a member of MASA.
Richard Green Scholars Award
This award honors the scholarly work and professional development of Minnesota school leaders through the award of an annual recognition for the research, writing and presentation of one paper reflecting the practice of excellent school leadership. This award is announced at the MASA Spring Conference and presented at the Fall Conference.

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